Monday, October 4, 2010

Post #1- Here we go

I am really not a cook. I mean, I can cook, if I have to. But I usually choose not to. When I was a teenager, my mother would sometimes insist that I cook for the family, and my meals were along the lines of (boxed) macaroni and cheese, and hot dogs. Or Hamburger Helper. This was before I became a vegetarian at the age of 17, just after graduating high school.

I married a man who seriously loved to cook. It was a mostly perfect arrangement. :) Well, except for the time he tortured me during my first pregnancy by "healthy" foods that only made me want to vomit. But it was mostly a pretty good run for 10 years.

We divorced when the kids were 4 and 6, so I had to start cooking, at least some of the time. And I did, though not always with much enthusiasm. But sometimes I was into it. As the kids became teenagers, I started to feel that they should participate in the process more. When they didn't want to, I cooked less and less and we did more takeout or frozen meals. I am pretty easy that way. ;)

However, the kids have recently been more vocal about the lack of cooked foods in the house. So much so that the youngest is actually spending more time at dad's house. Harumph. You just can't please some people. :)

Since they really don't have a lot of time to cook themselves, especially the dancer, I am going to try and make a bit more effort. I am going to log my work here, mostly because I forget about it otherwise. For example, several days ago DD1 asked me to make "that zucchini pie you used to make." I seriously had no idea what she was talking about though, after several minutes, I did vaguely remember. I still have to go unearth the recipe, but I remember where it is online.

I don't want to dilute my sewing blog with cooking posts, so here we are.

So, this blog is mostly for me, but if it's useful to anyone else, I will be happy about that. When I do cook, I generally lose weight. I am not counting on that, but it would be a bonus. ;)

So, my beloved teen units, this is for you. You'd better appreciate it. ;)

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